Sunday, May 8, 2011

Destroy The World

[I've decided that in order for me to integrate myself back into the Digital Civilization world, I will need to attempt to keep this blog updated here it goes!]

The past 2 weeks of being back "home" has been interesting. Mainly because it doesn't feel like home at all. After my parents moved on me during the semester, I knew trips back home would be very strange. So! How have I dealt with the ever crushing weight of BOREDOM? Well, through the wonderful thing that is NETFLIX!!

I have managed to watch Seasons 1-3 of Doctor Who, a show I had always wanted to watch but didn't have the time to.

Anyways, people may be wondering why the title of this blog post is "Destroy The World".
Well, the reason is because on one of the episodes of Doctor Who:
(really brief and informal synopsis)
Earth was being destroyed by a group of evil aliens. The way they were able to get Earth to be at their mercy was through integrating a product for cars that reduced emissions to 0. With more than 4 billion cars with this product, they launched their attack on the planet. In their nifty little gadget (ATMOS), they had programmed poisonous gas to be released. So the planet is completely covered in this toxic gas.

That's the general idea of the episode.


This episode made me wonder if it could be possible for someone to create a product, like one that reduces emissions from cars, and then destroy the world through that product. I know that all products go through tests and inspections before they are allowed to be put out on the market..but what if there was a way around them? Sometimes, and I will sound absolutely insane for saying this, I will look at my microwave while it's doing its radiation thing if it will one day come alive and destroy us all.

Just an interesting thought..

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